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VMX Entry Control fields

VMX Control fields

Control fields are of 3 types:
a) Entry Control fields
b) Exit Control fields
c) Execution Control fields.

Entry Control fields:
Used during VMEntry (Vmentry is the process by which CPU transitions from HOST state to the Guest state).

This is a 32-bit field that sets up some critical information that is used by the processor during vmentry. Most of the fields in this 32-bit field is reserved.
Among the bits that are defined, the following 3 are interesting:
bit 9 - Guest is in long mode
bit 10 - Guest is in SMM
bit 11 - Deactivate Dual monitor treatment
For normal vmentries, bit 10 and bit 11 are always 0. Bit 9 can be 0 or 1 depending on whether the guest is in long-mode or protected mode.


(A) If a guest will be in compatibility-mode , bit 9 must be set to 1. When the processor loads state during Vmentry, if GUEST_CS.L bit is 0 and bit 9 of entry_control is 1 , then the guest will be in compatibility-mode after vmentry.

(B) During Vmentry the value of bit 9 is copied into EFER.LME. Since CR0.PG is fixed to 1, the value also propagates to EFER.LMA.

Sample code to set up entry controls:

To set up this field, software should consult msr 0x484 and extract the allowed-0 and allowed-1 settings of this field.
xor eax,eax
xor edx, edx
mov ecx, 0x484
or eax, edx ; it has the valid vector to be written into the vmcs.
btr eax, 10 ; clear the SMM bit
btr eax, 11 ; clear the deactivate dual monitor bit
mov rbx, 0x4012 ; encoding for entry controls
vmwrite rbx, rax

This field is used when msrs are to be loaded as part of vmentry. This is sometimes required for the hypervisor to present the guest with a msr value different than the host-value.

Sample code:
%define MSR_LOAD_ADDR EQU 0x200a
%define MSR_LOAD_COUNT EQU 0x4014
mov rax,
mov rbx, MSR_LOAD_ADDR
vmwrite rbx, rax
mov rax, 1
vmwrite rbx, rax
dd 0
dd msr_data_lo
dd msr_data_hi
my_msr_address is the Physical Address of the msr-load area in memory.
The layout of my_msr_address must match the layout described above. my_msr_address must be 16B aligned.

This field is used when delivering an event/exception to the guest during vmentry. For eg: If the hypervisor wants the control to be transferred to the guest_GP handler, it would do the following:

mov rax, 0x4016; vmcs encoding
mov rbx, 0x80000B0D ; bits 10:8 = 3 -> HW exception, bits 7:0 = 0x0d (vector 13)
vmwrite rax, rbx

Vol 3b has more details on this vmcs field. The hypervisor might use this technique to handle a vmexit from the guest due to an exception.

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