Monday, May 4, 2009

Initializing the VMCS

Software initializes the vmcs by using the vmwrite instruction. It can read the value from the vmcs using the vmread instruction. The VMCS is divided into four areas:

(a) Host Area
(b) Guest Area
(c) VMX Control fields
(d) VMX Exit Information fields

Each VMCS field is identified by an encoding which is used by the processor to write into the appropriate place in the vmcs.

Host Area:

Host selector fields:
Host ES selector 0xC00
Host CS selector 0xC02
Host SS selector 0xC04
Host DS selector 0xC06
Host FS selector 0xC08
Host GS selector 0xC0A
Host TR selector 0xC0C
As an example, say the hypervisor wants to initialize the Task register selector with a value of 0x18:
mov rax, 0x0C0C
mov rbx, 0x18
vmwrite rbx, rax

To read a value from the vmcs, vmread is used:
mov rax, 0x0C0C
vmread rcx, rax ; Read from Host TR selector

Other Host state fields:
Host CR0 0x6C00
Host CR3 0x6C02
Host CR4 0x6C04
Host FS base 0x6C06
Host GS base 0x6C08
Host TR base 0x6C0A
Host GDTR base 0x6C0C
Host IDTR base 0x6C0E
Host RSP 0x6C14
Host RIP 0x6C16

As an example to write to host_cr0 in the vmcs, the following code snippet may be used:
mov rbx, cr0
mov rax, 0x6c00 ; encoding for host CR0
vmwrite rax,rbx

Similarly the other host state fields are to be intialized. For a complete list of the vmcs fields see Intel PRM Vol 3b .

Guest Area
The technique to intialize guest state area is the same as the host-state area. Hypervisors use vmwrite instruction to initialize the guest-state area. The encodings used as operands to the vmwrite instruction reflect the guest-state encodings. Here are few examples:

Guest CR0 0x6800
Guest CR3 0x6802
Guest CR4 0x6804
Guest ES base 0x6806
Guest CS base 0x6808

Follow the same approach as before to write to these vmcs fields. For eg: to write a guest CR4 value that has PAE=1, PGE=1, OSFXSR=1,OSXMMEXCPT=1 do the following:

mov rbx, 0x6A0 ; required value in cr4
mov rax, 0x6804 ; GUEST_CR4 encoding
vmwrite rax, rbx

A similar approach is adopted for intializing other GUEST_STATE fields.

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